Try to Imagine this. . .

Place one of our virtual walk videos into your DVD player

and prepare yourself for a new travel experience.

To your left is a Venetian Canal,

to your right is Piazza San Marco,

and straight ahead is a

thousand years of history and art!

Our Virtual Walk DVDs are

the perfect way to experience some of the

most beautiful cities in Europe in a

totally unique way,

a way not possible with traditional travel videos.

Just put one of our

virtual walks into your DVD player,

and instantly you'll be transported to the

ancient and historic Appian Way outside of Rome

where both St. Peter and St. Paul once walked....

across the San Angelo Bridge

near the Vatican, and home of Bernini's

famous statues, the "Breezy Maniacs,"

an important part of Dan Brown's bestseller,

"Angels and Demons."

or to Venice beside the Grand Canal,

with its gondolas and beautiful palaces.

The camera pulls you forward:

over the Rialto bridge, down a narrow street,

and through a wisteria-adorned piazza.
International travel has never been easier or more enjoyable!

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You'll walk along the Via Veneto in Rome,

follow a narrowboat path in London's Little Venice,

explore the English Countryside in Kent,

or take a stroll at dusk on the island of Murano.

These Virtual Walk DVDs

are the perfect way to

sample Europe before your first trip

or re-live a previous one!
These are NOT traditional travel videos!

There is no narrator, and the tv camera

is constantly moving the viewer forward,

through Hampstead Heath in London,

along the beautiful Amalfi Coast near Ravello,

on the island of Burano, near Venice,

or through Italy's ancient city of Pompeii.

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